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Available positions : ​

  • Dental Assistant

  • Front Desk Associate

  • Associate Dentist (preferably experienced in orthodontics and / or implants)

  • Customer Support Associate

  • Account Clerk

  • Experienced CAD/CAM Dental Technician

  • Dental Technician

Dental Assistant

- Assist Dental Surgeon in clinical and dental procedures

- Preparing and maintaining dental instruments, supplies and equipments

- Instrument transfer

- Dental charting

- Prevention and management of dental medical emergencies

- Inventory control and management

- Instrument cleaning, sterilization/ disinfection, and re-circulation

- Dental treatment room disinfection

- Pouring impression to make stone and plaster models

- Fabricating mouth guards, temporary crowns and custom impression trays

- Fabricating orthodontic retainers and other appliances

- No working experience needed

- Candidates must possess at least a secondary school / SPM level or higher qualification

- Able to communicate in basic English

- Computer literate

- Training will be provided

Front Desk Associate

- Manage customer calls, provide timely information and schedule appointments in a highly professional, courteous, proactive and efficient manner

- Manage patient registration by providing assistance in filling the necessary forms

- Systematically arrange appointments and fill in no-shows or cancellations in a proper manner

- Manage and maintain patient records with high confidentiality

- Monitor and maintain inventory supplies for the branch, tracking and ensuring lab work received during stipulated time

- Manage daily incoming/outgoing mails and packages effectively and systematically

- Assist the team in any other administrative and ad-hoc assignments when required

- No working experience needed

- Candidates must possess at least a secondary school / SPM level or higher qualification

- Able to communicate in basic English

- Computer literate

- Training will be provided

Associate Dentist 

- Preferably experienced in orthodontics and / or implants

- Dental graduates are welcome to apply

Customer Support Associate

- Understand customer enquiries and answer accordingly via applicable channels : emails, social media chats, phone calls and texts

- Identify customer needs and provide information about treatment prices and procedures accurately

- Assist to arrange appointments to the ideal branch when required

- Systematically coordinate treatment schedules for foreign customers

- Perform all procedures accurately, including reminders, follow up calls, complains and customer satisfaction surveys

- Communicate effectively with customers in a friendly, polite and professional manner

- Demonstrate a strong customer service orientation and take responsibility to ensure high customer satisfaction

- Coordinate with front desk team in respective branches from time to time

- Candidates must possess at least secondary school / SPM / O-levels or equivalent and higher qualifications

- Able to speak and write English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese

- No working experience required, training will be provided

- Good communication and writing skills

- Pleasant personality and communication skills

Account Clerk

-Data entry, update, maintain proper accounting record and filling
-Assist in handling full set of account
-Knowledge in accounting software (UBS) and computer literate 
-Other task as assigned by management from time to time

Experienced CAD/CAM Designers & Dental Technicians

Must be able to communicate and have the ability to work well with others. Visual perception, manual dexterity, good motor skills, skills using small hand instruments, reading comprehension skills, as well as attention to detail required. Ability to work on a deadline, handle stressful situations and take and use constructive feedback.

Specific Responsibilities, Essential Functions and Duties:

  • Design Crown and Bridge cases utilising 3-Shape and Zirkonzahn technology; moving from single unit to multi- unit & complex cases

  • Progress according to training plan to include learning all CAD/CAM department functions including: Nest designed cases and Green state cases prior to sintering

  • Must be able to take constructive criticism and demonstrate ability to adjust based on this criticism

  • Must use critical thinking to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or problems

Entry Level Dental Technician

Tasks include accurate data entry of customer and patient data, using the newest CAD/CAM dental technology and occasional use of small dental tools to fabricate dental solutions for our doctors and patients. Candidate have to be detail oriented, enjoy working with their hands, and thrive in a fast paced environment. Dental experience a plus however we offer a paid training program for the right person. If you want to make a difference in people's lives, value a casual work environment, excellent benefits and the opportunity for career growth, this is the job for you! 


Specific Responsibilities, Essential Functions and Duties:

  • Learns basic tooth morphology and anatomy.

  • Learns to fabricate and repair dental prosthesis and dental appliances such as crowns and bridges, inlay/onlay, veneers, and implant restorations.

  • Learns to read and interpret dental prescriptions.

  • Familiarises self with wide range of materials, such as metal (precious, non-precious, gold) or not metal materials (porcelain, composite, acrylic, polyurethane, co-polyester, thermo plastic) and their use in fabricating dental restorations.

  • Learns and practices restoring natural teeth and correcting dental irregularities by manufacturing fixed or removable appliances.

  • Familiarises self with names and functions of various types of hand tools and equipment (electric drills, presses, lathes, high-heat furnaces, etc.).

  • Practices using various types of hand tools and equipment (electric drills, trimmers, high-heat furnaces, etc.).

  • Fabricates and repairs dental prosthesis/dental appliances such as crown and bridge, inlay/onlay, veneers and implant restorations.

  • Restores natural teeth and corrects dental irregularities by manufacturing fixed or removable appliances.

  • Makes models of mouth and teeth from impressions taken by dentist.

  • Polishes and finishes appliance to ensure smoothness and fit.

  • Applies stains and glazes to restorations to create natural look.

  • Utilises and conserves supplies and equipment by efficiently completing plaster casting, die trimming, sandblasting, and CAD/CAM techniques.

  • Required to strive for a total team working relationship

  • Must make progress towards personal development goals

  • Ensure compliance with safety procedures and maintain an organised and cleanly bench

  • Recognise and report problem cases or cases that need additional prep work

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