Do not like the looks of your teeth when you smile?


Always taking a hand-over-face selfie?


Avoiding mirrors because you're ashamed of your teeth?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions





A recent research has revealed that

‘Food stuck in teeth’


The Most Embarrassing Moments on a first date!



Don’t you just hate realising that you have food stuck in your teeth and that everyone else noticed it before you did?!?

This may easily become one of the most embarrassing moments that you wish you could forget! 



a grin from ear to ear

a set of straightened teeth

a row of pearly whites


is what all of us dream to have. 

Statistics also show that about 

75% of the population does not have straight teeth, 

and these people would benefit from getting braces.

Braces are more than just about aesthetics...

It allows you to...

  • Chew and eat better

  • Speak better

  • Easy cleansing

  • Less food trap

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Better quality of life

At SmileBay Dental



of the patients

are satisfied with their smiles after braces!

We have changed over



with braces



of the patients

feel that they can smile differently now!


with a total of 7 branches all around Penang Island and mainland

From all around the world

We provide dental care to an average of 168 patients daily

founded in



A brighter life is one with smiles

A more beautiful smile is not about pleasing others. 

It is about making you feel good about yourself again. 

Don’t let fear or embarrassment keep you from having the smile of your dreams.

Interested but you have 101 questions still not answered? 

Well, let's look at what other patients are asking us!

5 things you should know before getting braces

Do braces hurt? 


Getting braces put on your teeth doesn’t hurt. It takes about one to two hours to have braces put on your teeth.     

Some pain and soreness may be developed around your teeth and gums. You will be getting used to the feeling of your new braces about a week. 


Getting your braces tightened can cause pain and soreness for a few days. The discomfort shouldn’t be as bad as when you first got your braces on. After a few days, you will get used to the increased pressure on your teeth. 


Damon braces are self-ligating braces in which their sliding mechanism has lower friction. So Damon process is saidto be less painful than conventional braces.


Is it too late for braces at 35 years old?

The good news is it's never too late to get the smile you have always desired! There's really no cut-off time for when you can get braces, especially people are living healthier lives and are keeping their natural teeth longer today.


If you have strong healthy teeth that are just crooked then it doesn’t matter what your age is, braces can help you achieve that straighter smile. 


However, if you have dental issues like gum disease or tooth decay then you will need to have those corrected before your orthodontic treatment can begin. 

Do I have to have my teeth pulled out for braces?


Our doctors will do a careful and detailed analysis to determine the best option for your individual situation.


We generally avoid extraction unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Some reasons for extraction include:

  • Severe crowding

  • The jaw is not large enough to accommodate all your teeth

  • A grossly decayed or damaged tooth due to overlap or malocclusion


Can I eat normally with braces?

Stick to soft foods for the first few days like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, pudding and soups. Soreness after getting braces will improve after a few days or a week. At that point, you’ll be able to somewhat resume your typical diet.


However, preventing damage to the archwires and brackets as well as keeping your teeth free from tooth decay during your treatment should be your number one concern. So you’ll need to avoid sticky and hard foods like chewing gum, chewy candy, corn-on-the-cob, crunchy nuts for as long as you have braces.


How do I keep my teeth clean with braces on?

Braces make oral care tricky. But don’t worry — using the right tools help!

  • Soft-bristle orthodontic toothbrush

  • Inter-dental brush

  • Dental floss


Flossing and interdental brush clean the spaces between teeth, scrub the hard-to-reach places that are easily missed by toothbrush, especially with brackets and wires in place.

Orthodontic treatment is important for not only creating a new smile but also improving your teeth’s function. 

Keeping a close eye out for gum disease will make sure it doesn’t sidetrack your efforts in gaining straighter teeth.